The MAJURITY Trust will embark on social impact initiatives that will work towards our vision of seeing a thriving and sustainable community. The initiatives will be anchored on three strategic pillars:

  • Purposeful Philanthropy
  • Practical Programme
  • Pivotal Platforms

There are currently two key social impact initiatives housed under The MAJURITY Trust.


Tangent is our flagship social initiative that seeks to champion a new way of hiring in Singapore so that:

1. Employers will find the right talent for their organisations
2. Job opportunities will be created for people to find work that they will thrive in

For more information on Tangent, please click here

Ray of Hope is our flagship crowd-funding charity with intervention programmes that enable the community in Singapore to help others in their time of need. This is especially in reaching out to those who may not otherwise have access to help.

Established in 2013, Ray of Hope is one of the early pioneers of crowd funding for needy families in Singapore.

For more information on Ray of Hope, please click here