The Majurity Trust Ltd is a philanthropic organisation in Singapore with social impact programmes and platforms to create and advance collaborative causes and activities that build a thriving and sustainable community for all in Singapore.


thriving and sustainable community for all in Singapore.

We believe in revitalising a strong sense of community [what we colloquially call the kampong spirit]. It may be expressed differently today, but the values remain the same. It is about owning a shared purpose to work together to help one another advance and thrive.


To be the catalyst of collaboration and creativity for the common good of all in Singapore.

We chart towards our ideals practically by getting things going. We spearhead and activate opportunities to bring like-minded people, ideas and creativity together to impact individual lives and the community meaningfully.

What is Thriving?

Thriving as a concept may be universal, but it holds different meanings for different individuals. For us, thriving is best expressed when individuals reach their goals and realise their dreams.

What is Sustainable?
The future is built upon the present. The success of today must last and multiply for the benefit of current and future generations.

What do you mean by For All?
We embrace and benefit the collective: all Singaporeans, permanent and transient residents living in Singapore.



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